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Why Publicity 4 MUSIC?

The music industry and the music media industry are digital.

20 years ago, music majors where indispensable because of their vast distribution power and ability to finance the production of high quality recordings and physical products.

Also, MTV, VIVA, Radio, New Musical Express and many more 24 hour mass media music channels where the sole and powerful source to discover and promote new talent.

Technology has changed everything.

Today, new or yet undiscovered talent has the chance to produce his music for little cost by himself, distribute it directly or via one of the many independent digital distribution channels  worldwide and promote it via social media platforms, channels and other independent music media channels.

Unfortunately, building a strong followership, and getting influential media and event people to get to know and then hopefully like and support them is a very tedious and very time consuming or very expensive thing.

Here is where Publicity 4 MUSIC is going to make a difference.

A system built by musicians and experienced music – and media professionals (Universal Music, Sony Music, Rough Trade Records, Burda, Motor Music / Flux FM, Ticket Online have created a simple but powerful and comprehensive musical talent promotion system.

Basically, it consist of a very easy and straightforward contact management / campaign management system that includes all top contacts and addresses as well as a very easy and enjoyable user interface to promote talent and music.

All you need is an Internet connection, some good songs and ideally a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify or SoundCloud account where you host your songs, ideally with a description about you and your music.

(Today, most influencers prefer to receive a link to a social media page over an attachment, ideally on Facebook or YouTube where they can get a feeling for the act, the music, background)

The system enables you to directly get in touch with the most influential media, live, club and community people and easily promote your act and your music.

The system also allows you to monitor your goals, achievements and your communication in an easy and straightforward way.

Currently, the system is covering all relevant radio stations, radio shows, TV stations, TV shows, print publications, websites, online radio, live clubs, live festivals, parties in Germany and  all relevant Youtube playlists, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter blogs and Spotify playlists globally with a direct connection to their curators.

All media, live promoters, club promoters and social media entities are assigned to a musical genre.

In total the system covers more than 11.500 professionally selected contacts at more than 6.900 music promoting addresses.

About us …

Michael Jogwer, owner and key driver behind this enterprise is a successful and experienced music and media industry professional (Vice President & General Manager Universal Music, Director at Sony Music, Burda, Motor Music / Flux FM, Ticket Online, Managing Director Filmstarts …)

He was awarded several times: he won the Art Directors Club Award for www.motor.de, the Tomorrow Focus Best Of Internet Award for www.classicsandjazz.de and the first prize for service quality for www.ticketonline.de.

Last not least he is a studied musician (Conservatory for Music Cologne, Jazz)