Email Real Time Monitor

Email Real Time Monitor

The Email Real Time Monitor shows exactly who has received your email when. And then when it was read, which song was listened to or which link was clicked.

Blue envelope for received, yellow envelope for read and green envelope for listened, viewed, clicked.

Music Promotion Tool - Email Real Time Monitoring
Music Promotion Tool – Email Real Time Monitoring

Email Message (Message-Set) Manager

With the Music Promotion Tool you can use up to 99 messages in parallel. Every message contains variations for the most common types of messaging, namely Multimedia-Email, Text-Email, Web-Form, Facebook-Message and Twitter-Tweet.

Via “Load Example Template” you can load proven templates and adapt to your personal needs. Additionally you can copy and adapt your own messages to be used as template for new messages.

In Multimedia-Emails you can choose that the stored recipient’s name automatically replaces a more generic standard introduction. Also, all clicked links will be recorded when you enable click-tracking.

In the one to one communication you can also add a personal introduction before you send off the email.

Musik Promotion Tool - Message Manager
Musik Promotion Tool – Message Manager

100% transparency and control

With the Email Real Time Monitor you see at once who has listened to your song. This is the best moment to follow up. Naturally music is a matter of taste. Nevertheless the chance of getting someone to support you increases if someone has shown interest. And also if someone has your song still in his memory.

Email Real Time Monitor (detail view)
Email Real Time Monitor (detail view)