Record Deal By Music Promotion

Record Deal By Music Promotion

How does band promotion get your music in touch with as many music managers and music labels as possible and get me to record deal?

A Record Deal needs good contacts

A record deal needs the right contacts. It starts with the people at independent concert promoters, managers, press promoters and ends with the artist and repertoire managers at music labels.

Many music managers run their own label or concert agency and use music majors that cover many music genres and styles mainly for finance and distribution.

Nowadays, music publishers also contain their own promotion agencies and concert agencies and are often connected with music labels, managements up to to merchandise- and/or ticketing companies.

Music Promotion Tool - addresses and contakcs - labels
Music Promotion Tool – addresses and contakcs – labels

A Record Deal needs a good understanding

Record deal promotion also needs a good understanding for the music label and their musical home. Meaning the knowledge of who might like what kind of music and how to make the contact as pleasant as possible for someone who gets pelted with many songs every day.

A Record Deal means genre, focus, format

  • First of all a good feeling for the musical genre that fits the music label
  • then a focus on a good song that you can imagine to be part of the program
  • a short, structured and simple presentation of previous successes
  • then the provision of all information relevant to the recipient
  • Like links to monthly Spotify-listeners, -followers, Last FM listenes, Youtube-Plays. Also to Bandsintown followers, Songkick followers, Facebook likes, Twitter-followers und Instagram followers.
  • Furthermore average audience size at your own concerts and merchandise turnover
  • In the end the music label wants to see the potential and the professional commitment and credibility – facts do help here.
Music Promotion Tool - industry - music label - detail page
Music Promotion Tool – industry – music label – detail page

A Record Deal by band promotion with the Music Promotion Tool

The Music Promotion Tool provides bands with the most important elements for a successful music promotion.

  • With more than 11.500 music promotion contacts both updated daily and edited in terms of data protectection law
  • namely at all important radio stations, tv-stations, newspapers and magazines and online portals. Also at concert- festival- and party- promoters, the big streaming media services as well as Facebook pages, groups and Twitter blogs
  • Every entry is assigned to a musical genre
  • Sampling is easy and direct
  • For each recipient category there is a template that relates to their needs
  • mail-messages you can monitor with Email Real Time Monitoring: received (blue envelope), read (yellow envelope), listened to (green envelope)
  • Responses are well documented and entries get qualified
  • That way you wil build your own quality music promotion and industry network
Music Promotion Tool - Email Real Time Monitoring
Music Promotion Tool – Email Real Time Monitoring